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Hi, I’m Anthony Taylor

I’m an executive coach and facilitator. Prior to that I spent 20 years in corporate communications. I'm also a single Dad with a passion for the outdoors, especially the mountains.


So why might this site be of interest and use to you?  Well, two fold.


1. The Weekly Newsletter

Firstly, like you my job and my career are pretty important to me. The reasons why may have changed a little through passage of time and with added responsibilities in the shape of my kids but we all need to earn a living and pay our way. As a result I also want to enjoy my job and to continually get better at it. With job security pretty much a thing of the past and many of us working longer hours, learning new skills and continuing to develop ourselves are the only way we’ll keep ourselves employable.

So I write about that battle. The battle to constantly improve, be more effective and to make our time at work enjoyable for ourselves and our colleagues. After all, we spend more of our waking hours at work than anywhere else. So here’s a quick taste of what you can expect to find:

- Proven ways to improve your CV, job hunting success and manage your career for the long term

- Ideas and tools to be more influential, a better leader, or a more effective manager

- Access to concepts and tools to help you unlock your own potential and those of the people you manage which will in turn boost your own career prospects.

All this will be delivered in an easy to understand style of writing with links to where you can find out more on a topic should you want to learn more about something.


2. The CV writing course

Having spent a year coaching clients how to write their own CVs, quite I few suggested I should create an on-line coaching course. I know from being a single Dad, that affordability is key and lots of people just don't have the £300, I and most other reputable firms charge for a CV and LinkedIn profile.

Giving people a skill that will last them throughout their careers, in these turbulent employment times, seems a good thing to do. My experience and that of my clients proves that the traditional way of writing a CV is outdated and actually holding people back. It screens you out rather than screens you in, it looks back rather than forward and in today’s fast moving and insecure job market that is not a good thing.

I didn’t set out to develop a better way of writing a CV, it gradually fell out of my own trials and tribulations in the job market. I’d come back from a very successful stint running a publishing company abroad and couldn’t get a job back in the UK.  I was confused, frustrated so started to look at how I could improve my conversion rate of applications to interviews.

As I developed the process and transformed my CV, so did my career success, and within four years I’d gone from unemployed to Head of Corporate Communications for big companies like Littlewoods and public sector organisations like the General Medical Council.

I’m just looking to share what I’ve learnt  and what's worked for me over the last 10 years. I’ve extensive experience on both sides of the fence, both looking for a job within and outside of employment, and as a hiring manager for teams both here and abroad.

I can promise you that no single CV book or CV writer brings together all the elements that I cover on my course.


The personal stuff

After a twenty year career in corporate communications and publishing I finally decided to pluck up the courage to listen to my gut instinct and become a executive coach. I won’t bore you with a hundred different reasons why and how I finally realised coaching was for me, other than it just gives me the greatest satisfaction and enjoyment. Something I’d pretty much lacked in the past few years of my career.

My niche is business and executive coaching. I work with people who are serious about their performance whether as a business owner, consultant or employee. I also work with some sports people to improve their performance. As such my goal as a coach and for this site is to help people achieve more than they thought themselves capable of. Pure and simple.

My hope, is that they will then inspire others to make more of themselves. I was fortunate to be raised by two fantastic parents who gave me a great set of values to live by and always encouraged me to try my hand at anything, to not let setbacks hold me back and to continually seek to learn and develop myself. I’m now trying to do the same with my two kids as best I can.

I believe the world would be a better place and we’d all actually be a lot happier if we spent more time truly connecting, sharing and developing others rather than just looking for what we can get ourselves.


We rise by uplifting others. – Robert Ingersoll


It’s one of the reasons I love rugby and played it for so many years. The sense of achievement, satisfaction and camaraderie you get from sharing the work, taking the knocks together and coming out the other side stronger as a team and as individuals, is a metaphor for life for me.

We all have tremendous abilities and potential within us and I think the greatest sadness is that as adults so much of that can become dulled as the practicalities and responsibilities of life take over. We forget how to access that potential and it just comes down to learning how re-awaken it.

So that’s the purpose of this site. To share everything I learn, to stimulate minds, and encourage debate. I hope that people who share these values, who have a desire to continually seek to learn and improve, who have a passion for adventure is every sense will come here and find it useful.

I’m looking for people like you to share your own thoughts and ideas, to challenge things I may say and to encourage others to achieve more than they thought themselves capable of.

Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll contribute to and share our little community.

Anthony Taylor