CV Course

When it comes to securing to job you want having a CV that stands out from the crowd and gets you noticed is essential. It’s got to answer the question every employer wants to know.

It represents you when you can’t be there to do it yourself so it’s got convey the best of you in an easy to read, informative and engaging way. Its job is to disrupt, distract and inspire the reader. Disrupt their pre-conceived ideas based on other CVs they’ve already read, distract them from what others have said and inspire them to offer you an interview. And it’s got to do all that on sides of paper or less.

And it’s got to do all that on two sides of paper or less.

This leaves most candidates with several options:

- do it yourself based on what you’ve done before,

- hire the services of a CV writer for a one-off CV,

- or take control of your own destiny and learn how to do it yourself…better than most other people…and have that skill for life .


This course is beneficial to everybody including graduates, but has been designed with the following groups of people in mind:

- You have been applying for jobs but just don’t seem to be getting any offers for interviews

- The threat of redundancy is real and you might find yourself looking for another job soon and you have  been with the same organisation for while.

- The prospect having to start selling yourself and interviews is of real concern to you.

- You might be up for an internal promotion against other candidates, either internal and/or external and      you need to stand out and stop hiding your light under a bushel.

- You’ve been unemployed for a while and are struggling to stay motivated and are losing confidence by the week.

- Interviews fill you with dread and you just don’t like or think you can sell yourself.


Before making a decision as to whether to invest in this course I’d strongly recommend you watch the four FREE training videos here. They will give you some really useful advice you can start to use immediately and help you make a decision as to whether this course is right for you.